Hug me Right – oops… Left

group hug

Okay so last week we were talking about good vibrations right? Are you on your way to raising yours? Need some more help?


That’s right hugs. When was the last time you had a really good hug?

Today? Great!

Yesterday? Okay.

Can’t remember? Why?

Are you getting enough hugs in your life? Hugs are quite profound and nurturing. Something magical happens when two people hug, regardless of whether they have newly met or are old friends.  It’s true, and it is scientifically proven too. (I love that science backs up my woo woo stuff)

Now, did you know that our bodies have over 2 square meters (or 22 square feet) of skin on the body? That’s enough to fill in a doorway!! Wow. And skin loves to feel skin.

And did you know that there is a biomagnetic field around your body? It’s true. It’s a fact; around everyone’s body is its own magnetic field. Okay, so these fields are extremely weak and can only be detected using some super sensitive equipment that blocks out all external magnetic fields, including the Earth’s magnetic fields, but it is there. And when two bodies merge through a hug, the energy is lifted up. That’s when we then become more energised, more awake, more alive, and we feel safer. That’s why we love hugs.

But. And there is always a but.

There are ways to hug, and ways not to hug. Well you can still hug that way, but it’s really of no nurturing benefit. Let me give you some tips.

The best hug, the good and nurturing hug, is one which has been mutually agreed upon and where both parties have full contact from neck to waist. Full contact, but relaxed and gentle, loving even. And it may feel a little odd (because it is normally the opposite side) , but hug left ear to left ear – our hearts overlap, and our energy is great.

The Side Hug or let’s pose for the camera type hug is a familiar, friendly gesture, and is often used in a group setting. Hugging this way shows a single front, heads inclined towards each other, and if it’s reciprocal shows great rapport between the participants. Not very nurturing, but still is uplifting because you’re all friends together. Group hugs can do the same – just make sure there is no-one being squeezed tightly in the middle.

From behind hug is where one person will approach and hug their partner from behind encircling them. It shows deep connection and caring – which can be especially comforting if your partner is feeling a little down. It can also be a protective and territorial signal, one partner tries subconsciously to protect so the other partner feels safe and guarded.

There are a few hugs that really don’t do much at all.

The A frame hug – when two people lean together like an A-Frame. Their necks are all about that touch. Not very nurturing – may as well just shake hands.

The quick half a chest hug – my should touches yours. Whoop de doo. I notice a lot of young men do this along with a slap on the back – macho, bro hug, I’m not really into this whole hug thing type ok? Funny to watch.

The hug accompanied with patting. OMG. You are not burping a baby – so don’t expect that your huggee (if that’s a word) is going to feel great, all they may do is burp in your ear (hehe, that’s what I do to my kids if they try that one on me).

The lift and twirl hug. Oh I hate this one. I am not a very tall person, some would call me petite (I just call myself short), but what I hate most of all (and I do not like to use the word hate often), but I HATE it when someone – usually a tall man, thinks it’s great to hug me, pick me up and twirl me around like I’m a rag doll. That is just a sign of dominance – look I’m bigger and stronger than you. So if you’re tall don’t do it. Just bend your knees and hug nicely. Now it’s a different case if you run at someone in excitement, jump into their arms and fling yourself around – that is an excitement hug. And so long as its reciprocal (and you haven’t knocked the other person over) it’s a wonderful, happy hug.

The chiropractic hug is great if you’re looking for some free chiropractic adjustment, but a big squeeze is not very warm and nurturing. It can knock the wind out of your sails, and leave you feeling deflated.

And the worst one I’ve ever had to put up with is the bump and grind hug. It’s okay if it’s my partner, and we’re fooling around – but when someone comes in really tight and close and grinds their hips into me, that right there is sexual assault!

Okay so that’s just a few types of hugs. I’m sure there are many more, but you get my gist.

The caring nurturing hugs are the ones we want. The ones we need. Hugging is great for your health, easy to do, and free. Hugs have low energy consumption, but high energy yield. They are non-fattening, organic, sugar free – and naturally sweet, and 100% wholesome.

The sad fact, unfortunately, is that some people have skin hunger – they haven’t been touched for a such a long time, that they are hungry for hugging. So to help raise your vibration and the vibration of others, find someone that needs a hug and hug them. Anywhere. Anytime (just make sure it is consensual) and spread the joy. Spread the happiness.

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Good vibrations



Are you vibrationally aligned? Do you need to raise your vibration?

What does that mean anyway?

How many times have you read or heard somewhere that you need to raise your vibration to ensure you are feeling good and good things come your way?

If you are interested in self-development I am sure you’ve heard it, but are you aware of what it means? What you need to do to raise your vibration and garner the benefits?

I hope I can clarify it for you. Make it easier for you to understand so you are aware and know what to do.

Have you heard of Law of Attraction? There I go again, question, questions, questions. I make no apologies, that is what I do. Question your understanding. Anyway, Law of Attraction ultimately means like attracts like. Simply put, a positive attitude attracts positive experiences and circumstances while a negative attitude attracts things that we deem negative or unwanted.

And for those of you that are wary of woo woo, let me be more scientific E=MC² – Einstein’s theory ie. Energy = Matter x Speed of Light squared. This means Energy is equal to its mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Wha???

Simply put, this equation tells us that energy and mass are effectively the same thing – mass is equivalent to energy. They are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other. Extraordinary.

Now, Quantum physics tells us that the atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter, and they are made up of three particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons, which break down into even smaller units called quarks. Quarks – not quacks. Anyway, these tiny things are not made of smaller particles, but in the purest most basic forms are energy.

Still in physics, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted to different forms. Energy is in everything. Everything is made up of energy. You and I are made up of energy. So energy exists in things and cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be changed from one form to another. It always has been and always will be. Deep, huh? (Have I lost you yet?Stay with me it will become clear)

Energy constantly vibrates at different speeds causing different frequencies. Energy waves are attracted to other energy waves of the same frequency.

Now this is where I start to tell you that thoughts are vibrations of energy. This is not mumbo jumbo, but a reality that quantum physics has revealed. Our thoughts are vibrations of energy. And as I said energy waves attract other energy waves of the same frequency to make even more of the same energy wave.

Like attracts like. Get it?

Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts. Positive thoughts – positive energy.

Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts. Negative thoughts – negative energy.

Okay, so you see now?

So if you’re putting negative energy out into the Universe, that’s what you attract more of.

Time to tell a little story to illustrate the point. My son (who lives at home – but that’s another story) visits his mates in the city often. And he always comes home sick. We were talking about this the other day, and he said it’s all your fault Mum. And you know what? It is. The rest of the family tell him to stock up on vitamins because he’s going to his mates’ place and he’ll come back sick. “You always come back sick”, we say every time. And he always does.  So, this last time we all focused on him returning home fit and healthy. Not one negative word was said. We wished him a great time, and told him to return fit and healthy. And he did. He still went to the same hang outs, ate and drank the same (which would make any normal human being sick to begin with!), slept in the same bed as he always does (or so he told me). And he came back well. And did not get sick later in the week. A miracle! No not really. We just readjusted our focus. Good vibrations.

I’ve discussed mindset before, and I’ll say it again, it’s your mindset that puts you where you are. You want a happier, more joyful life? Then you’ve got to put out happier more joyful thoughts and energy. When your positive energy rises, so does the vibration of every cell in your body. Once you raise your vibration it is easier to feel the less positive emotions and then let them flow through you instead of getting stuck like they have a tendency to do. When we are in a higher vibration crappy things still happen, but we don’t let them get to us -tooo much. It’s easier to deal with.

How to raise your vibration? I’ve gone through this in some detail in Start Kicking Up Your Heels or… Achieving Happiness (don’t have a copy – click here) but in a nutshell (because this is only a blog):

Remove yourself from negativity (as much as you can)

Find things to be grateful for

Look after yourself – eat well, exercise (or move at least), meditate

Love yourself

Raising your vibration isn’t just about being in a good mood, it’s about changing your energy frequency to match that of the universe. When we begin to match with the universe that’s when the magic happens! Like attracts like! Reap the rewards. Try it. You’ll be grateful you did. And remember if you need a hand, I am here to help. It’s what I do.

Start kicking up your heels,