take back YOUR LIFE

Have you ever started to work on something for yourself then ‘life’ comes up and you put it on the backburner to pick up again later? Yet in the meantime you help everyone else out with what they are doing?  You’re running around in your safe comfortable flats, because you can’t possibly do everything in your favourite heels.

Look, that’s not to say it’s a bad thing – and come on you (we) really enjoy helping others and get great satisfaction that we were a part of their success – whether it be help with their homework (at midnight!), make their lunches, take them to footy, swimming training, dancing, business functions and it goes on. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all great and a part of family life (whether it’s just the two of you or a tribe of 8). But some days there is just something missing. Something you just can’t put your finger on – everything around you looks fabulous, but there is some little pull deep inside that starts singing…

“What about me? It isn’t fair
I’ve had enough now I want my share
Can’t you see I wanna live”

Have you got it yet?

The kids could still be at home, maybe they’ve left and there’s only you and hubby, or maybe the husband left with them. You could be home alone, or powering along in your job – the one that you’re liking but not loving. Whatever the scenario, you’ve forgotten how to love yourself and how to put some time into YOU.

I’m here to help you do that.

Are you looking:

To try new things
For positive change
To find out what you really want out of life- and say it out loud
To be happier and freer in your choices
To be supported in your choices

Let me help you do that!

Let’s kick up those heels!

Once you’ve established what you want, we work together with aims to increase your resourcefulness to figure out how you can get it. You will access your inner knowledge in a non-judgmental, non- critical way – but that doesn’t mean you I accept your excuses.

We all have our shit, and working with me to overcome it you have an ally who will work with you to establish great goals, sustain momentum, stay focused, overcome setbacks and to steer you towards success without the sugar coating… but with all the support. I won’t be pulling you along, I will be pushing you. And making sure you don’t topple over in your favourite heels or get stuck in the grass!