About Sam

If you’re interested, this is the formal stuff:

Samantha Street is a wife, mother, writer, trainer, successful business owner, hard worker, hard talker, and specialises in offering coaching to a diverse range of people from around the world.

Samantha is a certified Life Coach with training from the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy – the word’s leading spiritual coach Training and Certification Program, and is a Law Of Attraction Success Secrets Facilitator. She is a Certified Canfield Trainer of The Success Principles, has advanced life coaching training in the specialty of Happiness (certified Happiness Coach), as well as being a member and Certified Life Coach of the International Coaching Association.

With an extensive background in business, finance, management, advertising, and retail, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing and Media Studies, Samantha has diverse yet symbiotic skills. She has more than 35 years combined experience in selling, finance, business development and administration, with a history of excellent customer service and communication. Her powerful problem-solving skills make her a great person to work with. Samantha has the ability to take complex and confusing situations and create total sense from the chaos. She is the master of organization and removal of clutter. She makes efficiency simple.

Samantha has several years’ experience working in a multi-national logistics company where she sharpened her experience in strategic planning, loss prevention, crisis management, health and safety, marketing, communications and customer/partner relationship development. She has also directly provided solid leadership, business guidance and strategies to a multitude of businesses, large and small, in all phases and stages of operation and she brings this wealth of experience to her role as a Life Coach.

Samantha enjoys working with people who are ambitious for further success, whatever their current situation, and who know that there is always another level to aim for. She is committed to helping people improve the quality and performance of their lives. Samantha creates fun and injects energy and enthusiasm into everything she does. She loves helping people to achieve their dreams and maximize their personal potential. She believes in Kicking Up Your Heels.

Those who utilise the services Samantha’s coaching, will find the lifestyle they are searching for. She’ll help you Kick Up Your Heels.