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new-style-louis-vuitton-high-heels-shoes-for-girls-2 Louis Vuitton – Running in Your Heels

This is a long term commitment. This package allows us to work in depth, and delve into areas that may be inhibiting you to be, do and have what you truly want in all areas of your life. Over 12 months, we will have 3 sessions per month. You have ongoing support and consistent drive to find and access the tools you need to navigate through your transformational journey, and run full pelt in your heels making long lasting changes in your life.


imagesChristian Louboutin

This package is for those of you that don’t quite want the long term commitment as Louis Vuitton package. With the same level of support and commitment over 6 months, with 3 sessions per month, we work on establishing goals, planning the right course of action, sustaining momentum, and staying focused. You will learn to become a positive, confident person strutting towards your success in those heels.


jimmy chooJimmy Choos

This package is for those who are ready for change and want to start learning to walk in those heels. With 3 sessions per month for 3 months, we will discover your passions, work on positive behaviours, establish goals and implement actions so you can learn to be happy in life, take charge, grow in confidence and maintain forward momentum walking in your heels.


Manolo-Blahnik-RinucciaManolo Blahnik – The Sampler Package

Not sure you even want to wear heels? This package consists of 2 sessions in a one-month period. We’ll tread slowly to see if it’s the right fit for you. No obligation to try other heels, but you will understand the whole process, and see if this is something that will work for you. This will help you experience the significance of coaching. We’ll work on something specific that you’d like to see a change in, explore your options and get clear on what steps need to be taken. Baby steps.



Coaching sessions are typically conducted over the phone (at the client’s expense). The benefits of this being sessions can be done wherever you are, it’s comfortable and convenient for you; you can remain  at home (anonymously in your pyjamas) or in your office at a time that suits. It also ensures your valuable time is maximised.

Alternatively, and particularly for international clients, we can conduct our coaching sessions using ZOOM or Facebook Messenger. This service enables you to call from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to broadband internet either on your computer, tablet, or smart phone- but it does mean we can see each other.


Do we fit? To make sure, I offer a 20 minute exploratory interview where we ask each other questions to determine if we feel a comfortable coach-client connection. No obligation!

wildly wealhty fast
Ask how you can receive a Special Bonus – the international best-selling book “How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast” written by Sandy Forster, an International Millionaire Mindset Speaker, Mentor, Bestselling Author, Multi-Award Winning Business Owner, and Transformational Leadership Council Member.



If you’re serious about living your version of a fulfilling life, or have some questions to ask me, contact me and I’ll be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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