What People Say About Me

Sam & I came together for coaching at the beginning of 2015. My goal was a big one and very important to me, setting a realistic two-month time frame to complete. Through her profession, gentle approach Sam helped me break it down into smaller weekly goals, which together would form my ultimate goal. I had some big breakthroughs as she took me through a series of processes over a few weeks, and being accountable to her ensured I completed my set goal for the week before our next session. Sam was so encouraging and motivating, I felt really connected with her. She believed in me and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an inspirational and motivated coach. Sam truly helped me focus and believe in myself that I could achieve what I set out to do by my set date. My goal is getting closer every day and I’m feeling very excited with my progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam.

Kirrilee. New Zealand.


Having coaching with Sam was a fabulous experience even though at times it made me confront my fears and long held non serving beliefs when it came to receiving abundance around money. Sam respected my values and helped me create new beliefs to attract abundance into my life. With her gentle manner and questions Sam helped me to connect with my inner self to find resolutions to these blocks.
Sam made me accountable for my goals, she gave me strategies to work on each week, and we celebrated my achievements. Thanks to Sam and her great business knowledge my website is up and running, I have written a number of workshops and I am eagerly looking forward to sharing my successes with Sam.
Sam is professional, has instant rapport and connection with her clients and her aim is to see you achieve. I would highly recommend Sam, feel the fear and just do it.  Thanks Sam.

Karen Redmond. Melbourne, VIC


Working with Sam was amazing.  She is a very skilled coach, she was able to help me see a different perspective to my health issue and assist me to find the answers I was seeking in other areas as well.  Sam is genuinely caring, but she also keeps you accountable and on track.  If you’ve decided to work with Sam, you’ve made a decision you won’t regret.  I highly recommend Sam to anyone who seeks a partner in making genuine changes to their life.

MA. Brisbane, QLD


Your coaching was wonderful…I felt extremely supported and safe moving forward into what could be considered daunting territory. I was a little nervous about being coached, given the nature of it I knew I would have to share personal thoughts and I can be apprehensive about that. After talking to you the first time however, I felt extremely comfortable and excited to move forward. I believed you would be 100 per cent confidential and professional, and it was apparent that it would be a gentle and rewarding process. I have received an all-round more positive outlook on myself and what I have and am able to accomplish, as well as simple skills that I can use in all aspects of my life when I need clarity. I would recommend your coaching to anyone who is unsure or doubtful about where they are in life, or feeling overwhelmed and under pressure from day to day events and pressures.

Thank you so much for your warm and responsive guidance!

Warm regards,
AJ. Sunshine Coast, QLD


I wouldn’t say I was skeptical in life coaching itself, more my abilities to make it work.  I had much self-doubt about certain things and coaching with Samantha has certainly helped me overcome them.  I now do things I wouldn’t do before.
My life was all over the place and needed direction and balance. With Samantha’s guidance and patience I am definitely more confident in doing things I had been nervous about before.  For example, the sharing of my artwork and going places with my girls. I have even enrolled in a Diploma with a Beauty School!
I would highly recommend Samantha as a coach – 100%.



I have been coaching with Samantha over the past few months, and I can truly say I have enjoyed the process, Samantha is such a great motivator and is always positive and optimistic, she has inspired me to work on my goals and her advice has been invaluable.  I always feel great after speaking to Samantha knowing that she is there to guide and support me in achieving my goals. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Samantha as an Inspired Life Coach, she is warm, caring and makes you feels that she is behind you all the way, thank you Samantha.

Jaqueline. Western Australia


Dear Samantha,

I would like to say thank you for all our coaching sessions together, they have been very powerful and insightful. It has been lovely talking to you about my dreams and desires and how I can reach my goals. You were both professional and caring which allowed myself to reach a deeper level I never thought possible. I highly recommended you to anyone wanting to seek a dedicated and inspiring Law of Attraction Coach. Thank you again for all your amazing support.

Sarah. Sydney,NSW