finally, I Kick Up My Heels

For years I lived my life floating along. Always wondering what was coming next that might make me happy. Sure things were pleasant, but was I truly excited about my life? Umm, no! I tried perfectionism, I had to have control, I always wanted to please everyone and I tried to be superwoman to boot. It wasn’t working. My heels were getting stuck in the grass.

The day I took control of my own life, my own feelings, and started living authentically, speaking out about what I believed in without second guessing myself or worrying about who was talking about me and what they thought of me, was the day my life truly began and had immense meaning. And I offer no apologies for that! My footing found firm ground.

We all have our shit, and if I can help one person work through it, then I have achieved my goal. But I don’t like to sugar coat things. I have had only a few people in my life who gave it to me straight, and the impact was profound. So that is what I’ll do with you.

I know in my heart and soul I was put on this earth to help women to kick up their heels and live their most fabulous life filled with joy and happiness. I have a life filled with joy and happiness. I have a fabulous life.  I have fabulous shoes. I kick up my heels with joy.

I want to share with you how to live your life, and kick up your heels too.

We all deserve this. YOU deserve this.