Old Dog. New Tricks.

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Never too old to learn.

You’ve heard the term can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well that’s bullshit.

I’m nearing 50, and my mum – who’s age shall remain numberless if I am to stay in her good books- has taught me a few things this past week. And I’m not talking domestic things like sewing or knitting or cooking or anything – actually that’s me teaching her! When she watches me cook she always says “that’s something you got from me”, I get whiplash turning so quick to look at her with incredulous eyes, then we both double over in fits of laughter. My mother did not teach me how to cook. But I digress.

She taught me a few things about Facebook!! And Twitter!! I don’t even have a Twitter account – but watch this space. She’s given me instructions, and it’s coming soon.

My Mum teaching me about Social Media. Who knew?

So I got to thinking – really you’re never too old to learn. As we get older, some use it as an excuse to get out of doing things, or trying new things, but we need to STOP! We’re never too old to learn. There is so much information out there – but just please don’t go and get your PhD from Doctor Google! We have eBooks, audios, CDs, DVDs, e-courses, e-zines, teleclasses, webinars, group coaching, and more. The library – so many books, so much to read. Other people – just watching them can be fun, entertaining and educational. Our children, our friends – ask them to teach you just one thing – might lead to lots of fun. University, college, night school, community classes. You can learn so much from so many resources, I’m sure I’ve missed something.

What does learning do for us? Apart from the formal qualifications, it can give us so much. Confidence, stimulates the brain, keeps you mentally active, become more open minded, open to change, and open to new experiences.  And we become more interesting!

I know it can be easy at times to feel we are old dogs and can’t learn (even us youngsters), that we’re past our prime, or maybe just too busy at work or home. But whatever your lot in life, don’t limit your development and growth. We are at our best, in fact, when we are constantly engaged in personal development. (If you need a hand with that – I can help you)

Learning new ideas and skills is exciting—just make sure you keep it in balance with the rest of your life. Keep up your ongoing education and turn any of your mistakes into learning opportunities. Life is one long classroom (it just doesn’t have the cane or detention) and you’re never too old to keep learning. So get out there.

Life is short.

Be brave.

Learn something.

No more excuses.

Start Kicking Up Your Heels,


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