Lost Your Mojo?


That’s a funny word isn’t it? Mojo. For a lot of us, I bet we instantly think of Mike Myers playing Austin Powers being down in the dumps because he’s lost his mojo and spends the entire movie trying to get it back. Funny how he didn’t really need it, it was all in his head. But,  because he thought it was gone, he was sure he could no longer save the world from Dr Evil.
Look,  I’m not here to analyse Austin Powers – don’t need to, there are plenty out there that do, and in the name of educational research! I’m just using the phrase ‘lost your mojo’ to start you thinking, and maybe talking.
When I think of ‘lost your mojo’ I’m not instantly thinking sexual prowess, more like swagger. Okay I’ve used another word that you can find in the urban dictionary – I like checking it out to see how far out of touch I am. Not too far, in case you’re wondering.
Well anyway, swagger. And I’m talking about the demeanour of confidence, coolness, and togetherness, not Swagger framework that enables client and documentation systems to update at the same pace as the server (whatever that means).
I’m getting way off track here. Which happens often, but I’m not usually typing at the time. I’m usually handwriting, and can scribble out my musings.
The title is “Lost Your Mojo”, what I’m actually asking is have you lost your way? Have you lost your motivation? Have you lost your confidence? Have you lost your togetherness? Have you lost your sparkle? Have you lost your groove? Maybe not permanently, but do you ever start your day and think “oh what the heck”?  Are you feeling depleted, overwhelmed, stressed-out, bored, tired, or lethargic? Well, you may have just lost your mojo.
Want to get it back?
Well of course you do! We all want, and need our mojo to keep us fulfilled.
I know I’ve gone through these before, but sometimes we just need reminding (again and again), so here they are… again. Try one. Try two. Heck, try them all!
Connect with nature; walk along the beach, go to a park, suck in some oxygen,  get some sunlight – we all know Vitamin D is crucial to our health (in small doses, not skin peeling length of time). So GET OUTSIDE.
Get enough sleep. Good sleep. I don’t care if it’s not 8 hours – I mean honestly, who of us actually gets that much? (excluding those teenagers you can never drag OUT of bed). But get sufficient good, sound sleep.
Eat well. Stop with the excessive fast food, sugary treats, and even alcohol. Eat fresh. Your body and brain will love your for it. I’m not a nutritionist, but have always had an interest in fresh, healthy food (my family will attest to that – through gritted teeth, and hidden lolly wrappers), and hey I’m doing pretty darn well. Look I know sometimes we just have to have that treat, but think first. Everything  in moderation.
Drink lots. Of water!!! Keep hydrated. Of course the odd red wine or two every now and then is okay and I mean glasses not bottles. Again everything in moderation.
Relax. Meditate. Listen to your favourite music. Get a massage. Increased relaxation (not laziness) will raise your vibration and help regain your mojo.
Laugh!!! Sounds obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated. The benefits of laughter are profound. It relieves stress, stimulates the mind, improves brain function, boosts creativity, improves relationships, and helps keep you feeling young and energetic. The physical act of laughter makes those endorphins flow. And when those endorphins flow, you get your groove back.
Exercise. Oh stop whinging, and rolling your eyes. I can feel it you know. Exercise is energising, and essential in elevating your mood. Ok, I know we’re all exhausted after the boot camp, but be honest – it really does make you feel good doesn’t it? If it really doesn’t, then find an exercise that does – it doesn’t have to be a marathon run. A good walk is fine. Just get out and MOVE.
Step out of your comfort zone and try something different. I’m not talking bungy jumping, unless of course you really want to; start small. Try a different coffee shop, or if that is even a stretch, try a latte instead of a cappuccino. Do something to get the stomach all a flutter.
Scale back. Are you taking on too much, saying yes when you mean no. Try to focus on less, but make it meaningful.
I could go on and on, in fact write a whole book about it, but this is only a blog and I just want to make you think. Start by making small life changes. Accept where you are, take time out for yourself, find support and you will get your mojo back. You will get your groove back. You will get your swagger back. You will sparkle again.
If you need a little more help with organising your thoughts, staying focused and being kept accountable, I can help.
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