Take Time Out

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How was your weekend?

Did you do something fabulous? Did you do something just for you? Not for the whole weekend, but maybe for an hour or two?

No? Why not? What stopped you?

Whoa, that’s a lot of questions to open with. But hey I’m a coach, that’s what I do.

Okay enough of you. It’s my blog, I want to talk about me. I had a fabulous weekend. I went to a seminar, met some fabulous people, learnt some fabulous stuff, and pretty much had a fabulous time.

Sure, there was the guilt that I left my family at home to fend for themselves, but hey they’re all grown adults so I knew they’d cope. Okay, they didn’t have the guilt free meals that I normally provide, but that wasn’t go to kill them just this once (in fact they were probably pretty happy that they were able to have whatever they wanted without me breathing down their necks).

I don’t often spend entire weekends away from my family to do stuff just for me, but I do take an hour or two. It helps keep me recharged.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, cleaning and caring for my family  (honestly I do, I’m not trying to convince you), but there are times I need to remove myself and take some me time.

It could be to have a cuppa and read a book

It could be writing my blog

It could be to check out Facebook for a while and catch up on ‘gossip’

It could be to wander the shops – alone

It could be taking the dog for a walk

It could be listening to music with earphones on (and singing out loud – that always gets the family going – or turning up the TV)

It could be pouring a glass of wine and going outside to watch the sun set

It could be watching an episode of Glee (yes I’m a Gleek)

It doesn’t have to take all day or night – it may only be as short as 15 minutes, it may be as long as two hours, but I need some me time.

What do you do?

We all need some ‘me time’ to keep us in check. That may sound a bit weird, but really we need to remind ourselves that we are important, and take some time to confirm and reinforce that. Now, for most of us, I’m sure that our family, loved ones, friends would all be okay with it. It is often ourselves that put up the wall and put ourselves last.

Well it’s time to stop! No more putting ourselves last. Time to get a little selfish and take time out. And a little bit of selfishness here, will really benefit everyone around us. Honest! (Remember if you’re happy, it normally rubs off on those around you).

Go on. You can do it. Take some time out – even if it’s just for a short time, and see how you feel.

Let me know how you feel.

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